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Impaction's mission is to increase the talent pool in the social impact space by leveraging community development efforts and encourage people to "start small, but start somewhere."


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Nabeel Jaffer


The 2019 Competition was an immense opportunity for Manavta, it gave us a platform to show people what we stand for as a social business and I consider it a key stepping point in my own personal journey as an entrepreneur. 

Hear From Past Participants

Saja Othman


We loved being a part of the 2019 Competition. The competition gave us a great push to develop the product we are creating! Impaction's team provided useful tools and feedback and the mentors were extremely helpful.  Participating in the competition helped us take our project to the next step and allowed us to meet a lovely community of change makers.

Rose Kavuli


Every milestone was worthwhile. I was able to improve my product Uray Shampoo, network, and get an opportunity to be in the Pursuit Incubator. I will always be grateful for the opportunity even as I look forward to advancing more in the social innovation space. I encourage anyone who has a chance to get in the competition and see what comes out of it.