It should not be hard to make a positive impact.

We match people to jobs and opportunities that make it "easier" for people to help others.  

Our Story

Back in 2016, we met at an internship at a global nonprofit. We saw that there was a challenge with “accessibility” in the social impact space. A majority of people wanted to help others but thought that the current ways to help, like donating or starting an organization, were “too hard” or “too time-consuming.” We found that because of these barriers, there was a waste of talent and ideas that could help the world in many positive ways. 


So why can’t we make an impact in ways that affect the masses but are also affordable and direct? 

That’s when Impaction was born with a simple notion that if you’re interested in making a positive difference, just start. 


Our theory is that if we get more people to act in their communities through “easy” ways, we can encourage more people to find long-term careers in the social impact space. 

Our motto is to “start small, but start somewhere.” We thank you for starting with us.


- Founders, Shivani and Sukanya


About Social Innovation Competitions

Impaction partners with organizations interested in developing competitive funding and mentorship opportunities for students and business professionals in their community.


The Social Innovation Competition's goal is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with tangible resources that turn their ideas into a reality in ways that make a positive difference in the world.


Our Team & Advisors

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Our Partners

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