2019 Winners and Finalists



As a part of one of eWomen’s initiatives, eWaste, they created trash bins made out of waste tyres. The product is cheap, durable, and is environmentally friendly because it is used to collect waste that can be further recycled. 

Innovation News Examples

These Shoes Will Grow With Your Kid

The real trick to expandability is that this rubber sole wraps up over the toe and so as a child’s foot grows, this rubber can unfurl to expand the toe box.

Comic book aims to dispel myths and stigmas associated with menstruation

Social venture Menstrupedia aspires to break period taboos by providing an innovative way to educate girls and boys about female and reproductive health.

Rareform bags made from billboards

This upcycling company takes unwanted billboard vinyl pieces—those enormous 12’ x 48’ ads you see-but-don’t-see every day—and repurposes them into ultra-durable bags to accompany you on every adventure. 

A drone to fight disease in Malawi

The researchers hope drone imagery can help irrigation engineers and agriculturalists develop strategies that allow water to flow through the irrigation scheme more efficiently, avoiding stagnation which enables mosquitoes to breed.