These Shoes will Grow with your Kid

The real trick to expandability is that this rubber sole wraps up over the toe and so as a child’s foot grows, this rubber can unfurl to expand the toe box.

These Tactile Blocks Teach Blind Kids to Code

Microsoft’s Code Jumper lets you play with code with your hands

Empowering Women with Innovative Eco-Cooking solution

A Wonderbag is based on the oldest technology of heat retention cooking

The Embrace Infant Warmer Saves Babies' Lives

The Embrace infant warmer is a fabric swaddle that looks like a sleeping bag 

Pakistan's First Solar School Bag Project

One solar school bag will help and support minimum of 12 children's education

Using Plastic Bottles to Sweep Out Pollution

Not just that, the initiative is also letting the villagers earn some income as well

These Paper-Airplane Drones may One Day Save your Life

These are autonomous cardboard airplanes that can carry medical supplies

Sitti Soap: Spreading Hope Through Soap

They provide financial independence and skill development to refugee women

Reusable Coffee Cups made from Used Coffee Grounds

They collect leftover coffee from coffee shops to recycle them as raw material 

Stanford developed a Hand-Powered Blood Centrifuge

This is an ultra-low-cost, human-powered blood centrifuge

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